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2010-07-23 02:23 pm

New Food!

There is new food mixed in with our old food.


It is Castor and Pollux Natural Ultramix Indoor Feline Formula, and apparently "Real fruits and vegetables combined with the kibble provide additional vitamins, minerals antioxidants, enzymes and natural dietary fiber. You'll see the real pieces of fruits and veggies in every bag!"


The "real pieces of fruit and vegges" make it easier for Pan to pick them out of the kibble.

(Mostly the carrots. The dried bananas are okay.)
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2007-06-20 10:00 am


Where is [livejournal.com profile] swifteagle?

I waited and waited and he didn't go upstairs for bed so
I waited and waited and he didn't come downstairs for feeding

Where is he?
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2007-05-08 03:25 pm

Regarding Pan

The following is a transcript of a conversation intercepted at approximately 1523 hours today.

[15:23] SwiftEagle: Pan, by the way, is an adorable nincompoop.
[15:23] Twotone: Is he?
[15:23] SwiftEagle: This morning, he was sitting on the windowsill, looking out at the world in sun-warmed bliss.
[15:23] SwiftEagle: I came over and started talking to him and petting him.
[15:23] SwiftEagle: So he flumped down on his side, all four legs dangling off the sill.
[15:24] SwiftEagle: Bear in mind that when you are on your side with all four legs hanging over a ledge and you lack thumbs, there is NO WAY TO RIGHT YOURSELF.
[15:24] SwiftEagle: And in fact he did eventually plummet to his doom.

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2007-03-30 12:30 pm

(translation of previous post)

There is a black and white cat in the neighborhood. We do not know if he has an inside-home. At first he looked groomed and well-fed. Now... not so much.

Today, it was very sunny outside. The black and white cat visited the deck.

...I don't think Pan liked that.
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2007-03-30 12:09 pm



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2007-01-12 04:37 pm

10 Things About A Chester

Tagged by [livejournal.com profile] twotone: 10 Things About a Chester.

Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks.

  1. Chester is a girl.

  2. Chester is named Chester because she has a white chest, and [livejournal.com profile] twotone and [livejournal.com profile] swifteagle were getting tired of saying "the tabby kitten... no, the other one, the brownish tabby with the white chest" when referring to the two feral kittens that they were feeding for their neighbor.

  3. Chester was almost a mommy of four kittens.
    We don't talk about that anymore.

  4. When Chester is very very happy, Chester kneads the ground with one paw while raising the other and curling it underneath like a maneki-neko (Japanese lucky-cat).

  5. Chester likes treats very much, but is able to stop eating when she is full.
    ...unlike Pan...

  6. Chester gets very excited around bedtime and will scamper around making little chirping squeaking noises that sound like "aie" or "ee" or "rrt". She will run up the stairs, claw the side of one of the steps, and then run into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, she either hides under the bed or hops on to the bed, sticking her tail straight up in the air and vibrating it.

    Nobody knows what she finds so exciting about bedtime.

  7. Chester's favorite hang-out spots are:
    - on chairs that are tucked under the table
    - on the back of the couch, crushing the back-cushions
    - under the coffee table in the living room, if she is very very scared.

  8. Chester is the only cat in the house who chews on yarn. Obsessively.
    She will chew on yarn and yarn-like objects, such as USB cables.
    And once she found a ribbon and got a significant amount of it inside her before [livejournal.com profile] swifteagle stopped her and gently removed it.

  9. Chester is afraid of snake-like things. If she sees measuring tape, she will very very cautiously approach it and smack it with her paw.

  10. The only time that Chester ever mewed was when she was first brought home from the vet in the cat carrier.

    She was silent and scared throughout the entire car trip, but the moment her carrier was brought near the front porch, she suddenly mewed piteously... and her sister Tammy came running to the porch.

    This was the first and last time that Chester mewed, or Tammy showed any interest in Chester's well-being.

Tagging: Anyone who sees this post and wants to share 10 things about themselves!
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2007-01-12 04:00 pm


we got a sponsored account!
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2006-09-22 01:55 pm

Slimming photos with HP Digital Cameras

tammys report

link from [livejournal.com profile] elainemc:

Slimming Photos with HP Digital Cameras.

it really works!



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2006-08-03 08:45 am



I am currently updating our old reports with the use of our new "bad things Pan has done" tag. If you have any suggestions for other tags that might be of use, please leave us a comment.
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2006-08-03 08:38 am

tammys observation notes on pan

tammys report

today Pan came down the stairs very slowly and deliberately

and then Chester came up to him very slowly and with her body low-slung

and then Chester very carefully licked the top of Pans head

and then Pan tried to lick Chester's face but she moved away

and then Pan hit her
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2006-06-05 10:47 am

King Queen of the Mountain


Today, I climbed to the top of the computer chair.
It was an arduous climb, requiring all of my concentration and sickle-sharp claws. But inch by inch, I conquered that computer chair.
And then I jumped off the top.
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2006-05-09 11:54 am

Things that a Pan can do


The following is a list of things that
Pan can do

- Dig a hole in the cat food bag the size of
Pan's head

- Jump on counters without making jingly-bell jingle

- Lick things on counters
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2005-11-09 02:55 pm

Chester v. Pan

Gone are the days that she could stick her butt in his face with cool disregard... for now the student is the master.
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2005-11-03 10:27 pm

Bad Things That Pan Has Done


The following is a list of Bad Things That Pan Has Done in the month of October.

- Batted doll eyes around the floor

- Batted doll wigs across the floor

- Batted a resin ball-jointed doll off of the kitchen table, knocked off its headcap, and batted the doll across the room

- Declared [livejournal.com profile] twotone's winter coat to be a sovreign nation and stayed in it for several minutes before getting bored

- Maimed a wasp


The following is a list of awesome things that
Pan has done in the month of

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2005-09-14 09:49 am
Entry tags:

Reporting In


Chester: This meeting --

Tammy: CHESTER! Pan's looking at me! Make him stop!

Chester: This meeting is --


Chester: ... is to discuss the scientific discoveries made since we first ventured up to the World Above The Stairs some months ago. I would like to begin by presenting my findings on Licorice Whips, Things That Do Not Taste Like.

Chester's Report

Despite certain superficial similarities, the following items do not, in fact, taste like licorice whips:
- wool yarn
- acrylic yarn
- chenille yarn
- apron strings
- USB cables

This concludes my report.


Chester: Does anybody else have anything to declare?

Pan: Oooh! Me! Me! Me!

Chester: Yes, Science Officer Pan?


I discovered laundry!

Laundry is awesome!
I can sit on it and
I can lie down on it and
I can drool on it.

I can burrow under it and
I can hug it with my paws and kick it with my legs and bite it with my mouth!

I can bury things in it...


Chester: Fascinating. Thank you for sharing your observations, Science Officer Pan.

Pan: I like laundry...

Chester: Anything to report, Officer Tammy?

tammys report

the world is scary
so many things to hurt a Tammy
so much doom
all is darkness


Chester: . . .

Pan: . . .?

Tammy: . . .

Chester: Um... meeting adjourned.
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2005-08-31 11:16 pm

(no subject)

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2005-07-11 08:05 pm

(no subject)

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2005-05-25 05:49 pm

Pan's new collar


I got a collar!

It has bells on.

Chester and
Tammy have collars, but theirs don't have bells on.

Hey, what's that jingly sound?
I think
I'll chase it!


the jingly sound is coming closer!
im scared!!


I wonder where the jingly sound is going--
I think
I'll chase her!


I could just watch this for hours...
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2005-05-23 07:53 pm



The box. With the blinking lights. And the sheet of paper on top.